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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
Season Three Episode Guide


Back from Pylea, with kooky physicist Fred added to the team, Angel Investigations carry on helping the helpless.

Old enemies, new loves and an unexpected responsiblity for Angel all lie round the corner. Can the team's loyalties hold out?

Spoilers - please note: This is a full episode guide for the whole of Angel season three, so UK terrestrial viewers beware - if you don't want to be spoiled, don't peek past the episodes you've already seen.


  A heartless lover hunts Angel.

That Vision Thing

  Cordy's visions are becoming a bit of a headache.

That Old Gang of Mine

  Divided loyalties bring no-one any fun.

Carpe Noctem

  You're only as old as you feel.


  Fred's being bugged - by her parents?


  The battle of the sexes.


  Darla's got a bun in the unholy oven.


  Old enemies return for fresh vengeance.


  Love, labour and loss.


  Happy Father's day, Angel.


  Cordelia becomes gifted.


  Fred gets head-hunted.

Waiting in the Wings

  A night at the ballet.


  Cordelia wants sex - can Angel do the business?


  Talking hamburgers tell tales of doom. And no fries.

Sleep Tight

  Little boy lost.


  Making up is hard to do.

Double or Nothing

  Gunn's old debts are called in.

The Price

  That old black magic is back.

A New World

  Connor swaps hell for LA.


  Holtz and Angel are in a tug of love custody battle.


  Upstairs, downstairs.

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