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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
Season One Episode Guide


Leaving Buffy and Sunnydale behind, Angel relocates to Los Angeles to fight the forces of darkness and seek redemption... with a little help from a half-demon and Cordelia Chase.

City Of

  A new start in a new city for Angel

Lonely Heart

  A serial killer stalks the L.A. singles scene

In The Dark

  It's torture for Angel as Spike pays a visit

I Fall to Pieces

  Angel encounters a creepy Doctor who can detach parts of his body

Rm w/a Vu

  House hunting for Cordelia lands her with a ghostly flatmate

Sense and Sensitivity

  Angel and Kate explore their softer sides

Bachelor Party

  A night on the town could mean death for Doyle

I Will Remember You

  Angel discovers once more what it's like to be human


  Doyle makes the ultimate sacrifice to save a clan of demons

Parting Gifts

  Cordy has new powers - and is up for auction to the highest demon bidder


  Angel's prodigy arrives in L.A.


  A one night stand leaves Cordelia pregnant with demon babies


  An demon princess cross paths with Angel

I've Got You Under My Skin

  Angel becomes an exorcist in a bid to save a possessed child.

The Prodigal

  Kate's father is dealing with demons as Angel remembers his own father

The Ring

  Angel battles for his life in a fight club


  Angel becomes a celebrity bodyguard, and briefly becomes a monster.

Five by Five

  Wolfram and Hart target Angel - and Faith is the weapon


  Angel tries to redeem Faith - but The Watcher's Council and Buffy are on her trail

War Zone

  Angel encounters a gang of streetwise vampire-killing vigilantes

Blind Date

  One of Wolfram and Hart's key players switches sides - or does he?

To Shanshu in L.A.

  Angel discovers that The Powers That Be have great plans for his future

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Angel is broadcast on Sky One and Five in the UK, and is © Twentieth Century Fox Television. Some images copyright Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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