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18 June 2014
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Episode Guide
Season Five Episode Guide


Angel and crew continue to try to help the helpless - but from a new and different position.

Now they're not facing up to evil law firm Wolfram and Hart anymore - they're running it!

Spoilers - please note: This is an episode guide for Angel Season Five, so UK terrestrial viewers beware - if you don't want to be spoiled, it's probably better not to look.


  Angel fights evil with evil.

Just Rewards

  Spike aint got no body.


  There's rare meat on the menu.

Hell Bound

  Spike's losing his grip on reality.

Life of the Party

  Sleepless nights cause trouble for Lorne.

The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco

  Angel wrestles with a demonic problem.


  Cyborgs threaten Wesley... and his dad.


  Is it Angel or Spike destined for greatness?

Harm's Way

  A bad day at the office for Harmony.

Soul Purpose

  Angel is trapped in dreams.


  A disturbed Slayer makes sure Spike keeps his hands off her.

You're Welcome

  Cordelia's back, and she's brought an attitude.

Why We Fight

  Angel helps America in the fight against the Nazi menace.

Smile Time

  A TV company make Angel their puppet.

A Hole In The World

  The gang fight to save Fred.


  Loss and loneliness, both human and demon.


  Hell is a house in the suburbs.


  Should old acquaintance be forgot?

Time Bomb

  Time is not on Illyria's side.

The Girl In Question

  An Italian job for Spike and Angel

Power Play

  Has Angel become power-crazed?

Not Fade Away

  It's finally the Apocalypse. At last.

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