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18 June 2014
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Character Guide

Darla and AngelAngel's Sire, former lover - and deadly vampire.

Originally a "lady of the night", Darla would have died four hundred years ago if The Master hadn't granted her eternal life.

Sire and lover of Angel, Darla led the young demon on a killing spree across the civilised world. When Angel was cursed with a soul, however, the magic went out of their relationship. He eventually killed her not long after he arrived in Sunnydale.

You can't keep a good vampire down, though, and Wolfram and Hart's evil lawyers decided Darla would be the ideal thorn in Angel's side.

Darla was resurrected - not an easy task- in human form. Her old illness returned, prompting her to join the undead once more.

A night of passion with Angel, planned by her in order to turn him evil once again, backfired when she became the first vampire to ever get pregnant. Back in LA to confront the father, she realised her love for her unborn son, eventually sacrificing her own life for his.

Julie Benz started her career as a professional ice skater, ranking 12th in the US at one point. She'd love to se an episode of Angel on ice one day!

Julie joins Mercedes McNab, Charisma Carpenter and Elizabeth Anne Allen as an actress who originally auditioned for the role of Buffy but wound up with another great part in the series.

She's also a gourmet chef and, like David Boreanaz and Amy Acker, is a keen golfer.

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