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24 September 2014

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Mevagissey harbour
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Your views on this area

Jason Dodds, Aberdeen
Stayed in apartment overlooking harbour (classic cottages) and you cannot get any better views. Lovely place and will visit again next year. And the fish and chips are to die for.

kate from st austell
meva is a great place but they didnt show all the best images! what about the beach and all the little streets were my mates live??? its an okay place in the winter but very busy in the summmer!!! because of all the holiday makers!!

Joanne..Leigh Lancashire
I first visited Mevagissey when I was 7 years old..we went every year for 2 weeks and never tired of its beauty..I was last there when I was 16..I'm no 40 and will be visiting again soon...we used to stay at first at sun valley caravan park...for the last few years we rents a cottage behind the cemetry there was 3 cottages..we had the middle one.the only word to I can best conjour up to decribe this wonderful place is... quite simply... Paradise.

Carl, Tamworth
I am currently visitng Meva on holiday for the Feast Week, and I agree with all the comments here! Meva is a lovely place, and the pictures above really do it proud! If your looking at this and thinking you would like to come here, please do and you'll see what you've been missing!!!

Terry Myrick - Cincinnati, OH USA
On October 12, 2004,I met a wonderful man who lives in Cornwall. This year, in late April, he visited me in America, and I went back to England with him. My first visit to, lovely, Cornwall left me overwhelmed by the abundance of beauty. My boyfriend took me all over Cornwall so I was in Mevagissey only briefly. We plan to spend at least one full day there when I return in October. Your photos are fabulous. I have added them to my favorites. Thank you!

Richard Lawless Hong Kong
At 4 months of age (1971) I had my first visit to Mevagissey i still have a picture of me in my mums arms on Gorran Haven beach that very year. From then on we visited Meva every summer with my parents & grandparents until about 1981 and unfortunately have never been back. Ive been living in Hong Kong for 10 years now but still have dreams of those lost carefree summer days on Portmellon beach (it was full of seawead!) The Rising Sun pub, The Llawnroc, Powellcraftshop in Meva and the icecream shops and penny arcades ofcourse.. We stayed at big houses (there was 8 of us) the two houses I remember best were called LONG POINT-on Chapel point lane,that had its own private beach and another house in Gorran Haven just up the hill over looking the main beach called COLLESCUS.. I'm coming back to the UK in August 2005 with my new wife and I cant wait to get back to the the places that will forever represent to me the sweetest of my childhood memories. After all years, all the dreams I've had, I'll have to pinch myself!

Lois Smalley, Boston, Lincs
We holiday in Cornwall on a regular basis, and wherever we are staying, we always make a point of visiting Mevagissey and Boscastle, and looking at your lovely pictures just makes me wish for the holidays to come around quicker, but then when they do, it seems no time at all before we`re off home again!!!!

Col Tretheway from Redcliffe Queensland Australia
Great photo's -makes me want to go back for a holliday.

Phil Moss from Borehamwood
I am now 57 years old. When I was 17 to 18 I left home to travel the uk ( europe was not on the agenda then!!! ) and ended up in Mevagissey and so decided to stay there Autumn to thats about 1965 into 66. Lodged on the estate at the high point of Meva towards Pentewan, I think it was called Pentillie . Surprised that none of the photos ( great photos) show the beach across the green in front of the estate....long drop down a dodgy footpath. It had become inaccessible at my last visit about 10 years ago!!! but during my stay ....what a beach....couple that with great friends and experiences...will never leave me.The words chill out were not part of vocabulary then but believe me they are appropriate.You need to visit Meva to understand.

Joan , Datchworth, Herts
Oh! what memories!, We rented a cottage in Gorran Haven in the 1980's, and also walked across the cliff tops to Mevagissey to have lunch at Mr Bistro's - ah! those delicious queens, and crispy fresh salad. Is Mr Bistro still there? Halcyon days.

Sarah from Portsmouth
I visited Meva 2 years ago for the August Bank holiday. we stayed in a lovely b & b in Tregoney Hill. Mevagissey is a beautiful place. We were woken early every morning by the thousands of seagulls! But to look out the window and see the view over the harbour was wonderful. Im am looking forward to going back for a week this year in august.

A Reid, Ayrshire Scotland.
Spent the day in mevagissey while on holiday in newquay and loved it, We now holiday in mevagissey every year and are due to visit again in August.

Barbara Maddox from Tywyn Gwynedd
We have visited Mevagissy many many times and never tire of its beauty. Coming back in June of this year and bringing our two grandchildren with us. Have very many happy memories of the area and looking forward to making some more this year. Cant wait until June !!!

Brian Trevenna Melbourne OZ
Meva, here I come, well in May 05 that is. I have been talking so much the last few years aboutMeva and coming over for another visit (the last one in 1977)So finally I have booked. Looking forward to catching up with my old schoolmates from Meva Primary School that was halfway up Schhol Hill, although I know it has moved up to the top of the road. My parents, brother and I used to live at "The Hollys" in Church Lane, with the Back River at the bottom of the garden and across it to the Withes. Sadly they have gone replaced by a car park, "sniff sniff"

Janie Hawkins (nee Over) -Llangwnnadl, N Wales
Although I was born & brought up in Devon, my Father's family had lived in Meva for countless generations, so when I went to visit my Grandparents & other family members during long Summer holidays, I always felt I had gone 'home'. They lived at the bottom of Polkirt Hill where there was always a traffic jam in the narrow street outside. My Dad used to take great delight in organising the drivers around tight corners and small crevices. These are lovely photos of a beautiful and unique place. Many thanks.

Nada Guarguaglini
Hiya, the photos are great, I'm looking forward to visiting Meva for New years Eve! Can't wait its a lovely place, fresh air,fish and friends!Nx

Nigel Cavanagh from Malton, North Yorkshire
We spent most of our family holidays in Meva during the early and mid 1970s and as the youngest of six children it always had a special magic for me. I went back for the first time in nearly 30 years this summer and although some things have changed it's still wonderful. Its difficult to rationalise why some places call to you across the years whilst other equally nice ones, associated with equally good memories are forgotten. The best I can come up with is that some places are just intrinsically magical in some strange way. Mevagissey is one of those places, and it seems I'm not alone in thinking so!

Christine Edgar from Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria
Mevagissey is the best place to go in Cornwall. I lived in Meva until I came up to Cumbria to live. I go back every year with my children, to visit the rest of my family. We always have Cornish pasty's and a Kelly's ice-cream, make sure you do to.

Fiona from Muswell Hill
My friend Faith (a Cornish lass) used to spend her holidays as a child in Meva. I and 3 of our uni friends (all 30 somethings now)are going on a 'girls world' holiday together to Meva with Faith and we can't wait. Will send a picture of the 5 of us with the harbour as the backdrop soon!

Dave Murden from Derby
myself,wife and our daughter have spent some wonderfull holidays in meva and the surrounding area,looking at these photos brings back some great memories at look forward to returning.

Peter Husbands,Tweed Heads N.S.W Australia
I keep looking at what all these people have to say about Mevagissey,surely all these people cant be wrong,tis a wonderfull place to be ,pure magic,wisht I was back there.What a dream.

helen roberts and lee hancock from cornwall
i have always enjoyed staying at my grandparents house in mevagissey when i was younger .i now go there with my partner and 3 children and they all love it.we go as often as we can and will never get bored of it.

Dave Fresquez, Rancho Cucamonga, California
When I was a kid I spent a wonderful 2 week vacation at Pentewan sands in 1966 thanks to the St. John Ambulance Brigade. Living in South London I never knew such magical places existed. I used to hike along the cliff tops to Mevagissey and was absolutely awestruck by the beauty of the place. I especially remember exploring all the little winding and narrow streets. What an adventure!

Paul Whitehouse. Biddulph,Staffordshire
My Wife and i love Meva,we spent our honeymoon there and we return twice a year for holidays.When we arrive we just park the car and foget it for a week.Meva holds something very special for us.A beautiful place,i would recomend it to anyone.

Charlotte from Cheshire
I adore Meva and have spent many childhood holidays there! Wonderful pictures and bring back many happy memories. Now living in Cornwall and enjoy many trips there at weekend!

peter holding hatfield herts england
What a place, such fond memories of this charming place. As a child my parents, sister and i used to holiday in Cornwall and Meva was allways our favourite little bolt hole.The sites and smells of the harbour have never left me and the fish and chips are still the best in the world. So after nearly 40 years away i have just revisited with my 13 year old son and my partner Linda and Tony her father (both from New Zealand)and i was not dissapointed. We stayed at Trewinney Farmhouse just 5 minutes walk away , the perfect place to stay to visit one of my most special places in the world. Childhood memories run long and deep and i felt privilaged taking Alex to Mevagissey and maybe giving him some special memories to hold onto for another 40 years.

Sylvia from Milton keynes, bucks
Great photos of the best place on earth,we love to come to Cornwall and the mevs is always the first place we visit and also the last, we can never come home without saying bye to the mevs

Lucy Gilbert Mevagissey
I enjoyed looking at them

lucy gilbert mevagissey
no pictures of my street or house

alan deighton
My family and I have lived in the U.S. for 30 yrs. I spent many holidays in Mevagissey I sometimes wonder if I should have migrated to Meva.

Rachael Alcock
These photo's of Meva make me homesick for cornwall.My husband and I both come from Cornwall and had a lovely little cottage in Meva (Tregoney hill).We moved to North linc's a year and ahalf ago and are now desperate to return to the mother land.

Bobby Grier West Looe Kernow.
I was at a childrens home for awhile, in Mevagissey, called Pentillie House. Are there any ex home boys or girls out there? Where are you Glen Buscombe, Betty Clark and co?Besrt Regards Bobby Grier.

david sim
i really like going on holiday to cornwall i have bin to the west country every year since i was born simply fantastic

lisa from stockport
I Think the pictures are lovely and i cant wait to go on holiday there

Ian from Barbados
I was born in Somerset in 1953. We always had summer hols in Mevagissey, staying with the Cloak family.Mr. Cloak was the bus driver on the run to St.Austall.Wonderful childhood memories!!

Bill Bonney - Canada (from St Austell)
I would like to say it's nice to see Meva, the place where my father was born and i spent much of my childhood, but why are all the shots exclusively of the inner harbour... Meva is small, but not that small. PS: I just wanted to point out my uncles house, but you didn't have the shot... just bitter... or should i say "cold" in canada.

Brian Trevenna Melbourne OZ
Have been over 50 years in Australia, but Meva is always in my heart.Born in London and evacuated to Meva in 1941, I have so many fond memories of my childhood that sometimes I wonder whether it was the right thing to migrate. Will be visiting next year to renew friendships and to catch up with old schoolmates

susan rappold born in solihull england but now li
my heart belongs in meva. mevagissey is so unique, thankgoodness there are still local people who were born and raised there,and are able to inform 'The Emetts' of how life was years ago. Where else is there a snooker table directly under the manhole cover, and only reached by going through the newspaper shop?

Peter Husbands Tweed Heads N.S.W Australia
Mevagissey one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall, I should know as I used to live in the last White House overlooking the harbour in a street called Pentillie

Janet Crlik .Bateau Bay Australia.
Lovely photographs.It brought back many happy memories.My parents owned the Haven Cafe in Fore St.I swam across the harbour many times as a child as I always stayed at my Grandparents house at Polgooth.Iwas born and brought up in Newquay.Meva will always have a special place in my heart.

jim royer from Perth Western Australia
Back in the late 40s I lived in Gorran Haven and used to have to walk across the cliffs to Meva to catch the bus to St.Austell. Mevagissey was a little less colouful in those days, plain granite buildings etc., but since the "emetts" have taken over there is more of a mediteranean look.

Tim Turner - Bude
Brilliant idea - lovely pictures throughout - why not expand the subject matter? I would be pleased to contribute a few pics of Bude and Launceston and I am sure that keen photographers in other towns/ villages would be too. We could build a real resource..

Janet from Accrington Lancashire
These photos just take me back to when i was young - we always stayed in Newquay but we used to make a special trip each year with my grandfather to watch the shark boats coming in. What monsters those sharks were!

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