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28 October 2014

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Falmouth harbour
Falmouth harbour
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Photo credits:
Jan Peddie

Your views on this area

beth gill FALMOUTH!
I've lived in Falmouth all my life, and was born in truro. I love it here! its beautiful and right near beaches. It has a wonderful atmosphere, and the best pasties!!! :-)

Prabin Upreti (Nepal)
i am a Nepali student living in Falmout for past 7 months,doing my degree in t.v production. i love Falmouth, it is probably the best place in England ( Falmouth&Cornwall) i love the place.

The hurricanes we experienced on the US Gulf coast this summer make us miss Falmouth more than ever. We never complained about the English weather when we had a second home in Mawnan Smith for 15 years. Needless to say we miss Cornwall terribly, and look forward to next summer when we will return.

Jonny Mounsor, Gloucester
Yes, I was too born in Falmouth, didn't want to move away but better opportunities up here! My fav. thing about Falmouth is pitch and putt! Still visit all the family regularly. Jonny

Hannah, London
I lived in Falmouth for three years while I did my Illustration course there. I love every inch of Falmouth and miss it badly. I'll live there again one day!

Tim Rowe
My father is from Mabe(Penryn region),we used to go there all the time. I now live in the middle east,not visited there for 18 years,nice to be reminded of a happy past.

Robert Wood Wakefield
Falmouth is a fabulous place full of little alleyways and pathways which take you on a 'secret' journey around the town. Nearly everywhere has a nice view of the harbour/marina which always has something going on. A quiet tranquil place which I would love to live in. Being going to falmouth since 1981 and want to go again asap!

Irfana Biviji, Mumbai
I am an Illustrator, graduating this june 05, have been living in falmouth last three years. Feels like a dream! captured in a bubble far away from reality, just went for a walk at swanpool today to click snaps!!!

g hughes london/falmouth
I miss you falmouth still beutifull as ever c you soonxxxx

Helen, Falmouth/Penryn
The photos here are great, I've lived in Falmouth/Penryn all of my life. I used to have the broad panoramic view across harbour to Flushing/Mylor from my old abode in Harbour Terrace, Fal'. Very rarely did I sit and watch the TV ! There's so much activity on the water, especially in summer. It really is a beautiful place to be.

Chris Haines, Ferndale (Detroit), Michigan
I was luck enough to vist Falmouth just under a year ago, We were visting site where my mothers family grew up, just to the north in Penryn and Ponsanooth. Seeing these pictures brings back so many fond memories!

Arfa Neild, Gloucester
I was born and lived in Falmouth.. it's amazing and I go on holidays there every year with friends, can't wait untill next time in august.

Lizzie Anderson, Falmouth
I am 16 and have lived in Falmouth my whole life! I think it's a wonderful place and would never dream of moving away! I think the facilities are great and the beaches are lovely! There's something for every taste!

Brad Wilkes, Carterton, Oxon
Originally from Falmouth, but my parents moved to Mabe in the early 70's and now reside in Oxfordshire. Still a true blue cornishman at heart. You never forget that fact and I still meet fellow cornish people in my tyravels. Excellent site full of information about god's own county.

Love Cornwall especially Falmouth and sitting in the car at Pendennis Point overlooking the estuary to Falmouth docks, oh and eating our fish & chips bought from the chip shop next to Trago..........they're probably the best in the world!!!!!!!!

Mike Chamberlain Tavistock
Great site, brilliant photos. I was born and bred in Penryn (Glasney Place) and worked in the docks until the redundancies in 1979. I joined the Prison Service and was posted to Dartmoor.I'm not so far away as some and there is a fair Cornish contingent here. A few more shots of "Shagtown" would be nice.Regards to all who remember me.

Mike, New Jersey, USA
I grew up in Falmouth, and I miss the beauty and charm of Cornwall in general, these pictures are great.

donna finlayson i am from derby
i went to falmouth for the first time it is a nice place was worth the trip the harbour is so nice the place is just great i met my boyfreinds dad for the first time here was wonderful.i am coming here again and looking forward to it ,we went to pendennis castle what a nice place to visit cornwall is great see ya soon

jo from bath
love cornwall refreshing place

emma scott, Penryn
great pics!! I'm currently living in Italy and miss home's nice to see these photos..aah! memoriesxx

Priscilla Schoultz, South Africa
My husband and I visited Cornwall June 2004 (1st time) to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and I found Falmouth the most beautiful of all the places I have seen thus far. It was a spiritual experience to look over Falmouth from Pendennis Castle.

margaret in Falmouth
We need the visitors but my lovely town is becomming spoilt with litter and mess.Please respect these beautiful surroundings and take your mess home!

graeme walton Halifax W yorks
I first visited Falmouth in the late 60 s as a child with my parents, and now years later and at least 25 visits later i never tire of making the 400 mile journey to Falmouth. my favourite memory was going shark fishing and watching the trawlers coming in at night, sadly they have all gome now

Alan & Janet, Hartlepool
We've holidayed in Cornwall for a number of years and Falmouth is the area that we would LOVE to retire to one day - there's no better place ANYWHERE for us!

Silke Geb, Germany
I was in Falmouth last autumn. There is no better time to be there. It was in September and still warm enough to go to the beautiful beaches. There are pretty gardens and so many things to explore: the harbour, the National Maritime Museum, Pendennis Castle and so on. Best of all: Cornish Cream tea and scones!!! Every person I met, has been so nice and hospitable. I would love to be there now!!!

Brian from Mississippi, USA
I visit Falomuth at least once a year. I LOVE it!!! In my opinion, it is the best of England (Falmouth and Cornwall)!

Kathryn, New Zealand
I have a lot of good childhood memories from Falmouth and surrounding areas... I remember one particular camp with a Brownie group I had there... Why can't life be that simple anymore :P

I'm 15 years old and I have lived in Falmouth all my life. I love it so much there is nowhere else I'd rather live. It's so beautiful and there's always something more to explore.

Natalie Macro, Ipswich Suffolk
I seriously love Falmouth, I come to Cornwall every year and always make sure I visit Falmouth, am seriously considering moving there upon completion of my degree this year I, love it that much!

Jon Symons from Kazakhstan
Originally from Redruth, now in staffordshire, spent a lot of my younger years exploring this area and fishing off the harbour wall. Would love to be there now !!

Michael Toy, S. Ireland
I moved to Athlone (Southern Ireland) to live, around March 2003. After spending 30 Years in Falmouth - here I`ve now adjusted to the Irish way of living. Naturally I miss my family and old friends - of course!

Derek Moore - Padova Italy
I am working in Italy whilst having a barn converted just outside Falmouth. The pictures keep me going!!! Send in some more

I've visited Falmouth with my family.What a lovely place,very friendly and peaceful by the beach in the evening.We will definately return.

Rollasoc, Falmouth
Originally from Falmouth now living in the Midlands. Why oh why did I leave..... (ok it was the money).

Anthony, Truro
Falmouth is only 12 miles down the road from my hometown of Truro, and it's lovely to go and sit or walk on the beach in summer. Good atmosphere down there, and good pubs! Grapes Inn is my favourite.

Tony Dembrey Reading Berks
I first visited Cornwall (Falmouth) just after the second world war and the docks were full of damaged naval ships. I have spent many holidays there, still do to this day and never tire of cornish country side / coastline.

James Ullman San Marcos, Californ
I have visited Falmouth twice on previous trips to Cornwall. The harbour is spectacular and the town a delight to visit. I'm looking forward to returning.

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