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28 October 2014

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Eden from the sky
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BBC Cornwall

Your views on this area

Judith Geollina,Norwich Norfolk
We were amazed to see the plants in the hot biome.It reminds us of our country (Philippines).Missed the tropical vegetables,wished i picked some from eden.Beautiful!Wish to go back there with my hubby.

Grimwade Family, Leigh-On-sea, Essex
We just love cornwall as a whole not just Eden. Cornwall is just so beautiful.

Margery & Terry.....Perth, Western Australia
We visited Eden in its first year, and for the two proceeding years. The progress made - 'SPECTACULAR'. Have viewed all 54 pics on your page, JUST FANTASTIC. We now live in Australia and miss our yearly visits to EDEN. Keep the vision growing.

Lyn - Exeter
I first visited Eden during the construction and have been back many, many times since. It is every changing, always breathtaking and at Christmas, during the Time of Gifts, was absolutely magical - I had always wanted to see the domes illuminated and this was better than I had imagined. Keep up the good work!

Adi - Aberdeen
Judging by the photos, this seems like an amazing place. I'm going to drop by pretty soon!

i think the whole place is beautiful...i'll definitly be back!!!:)

Daniel ....Venezuela
Hola voy hacer una exposicion sobre el proyecto eden en mi universidad, es fantastico ese sitio! bye

Ricki - Cornwall - Liskeard
quote=Ben Mann from London "actually quite small when compared to the great gardens in Kew." Thats because Londoners usually dont like anywhere but London... :p I worked at the eden project as a volunteer and can firmly say that they have done a wonderful job and will remain a constant attraction for years to come.... The first time i seen the project was when i was volunteering there, and i can say i was blown away by the sheer awsomeness of it! i will be revisiting or even revolunteering at some time :)

Muriel Stephens
We have just come back from Cornwall our third holiday there.We have not been able to visit the Eden Project before as it was always full.This year we made it,it was certainly well worth waiting for.

Roy & Ragini from London
Having seen the photos, the holidays cann't come fast enough. We'll be there soon.

Ben Mann London
What a disappointment! The project is badly designed and far to pleased with it's self. It is expensive and actually quite small when compared to the great gardens in Kew. Too many people make it a scene from Hell more than Eden

Pat Jones, Canterbury, Kent
Have just returned from The Eden Project and cannot describe how wonderful it was, words cannot do justice to the sheer size and beauty. Great education.

Pat & Barrie Jones, Canterbury, Kent
About to visit Cornwall, all the comments about The Eden Project have made it a definite must! Can't wait!

laura barback N.J. U.S.A.
I visited the project with my family two years ago. We came all the way from america to see it. The beauty and grace of the site was truely breath taking. It went a long way to restoring my faith in humankind. Life isn't all war and misery.

Claire Orridge - New Zealand
My husband and I visited the Eden Project after it first opened before we emmigrated and would love to return one day to see how it has all grown. Great photos, it is a magical place....

Corinna from Germany
Im August 2003 I visited the Eden Project while the Eden Sessions took place. It's such a wonderful place and combined with music it's just perfect!

Adam St Blazy
I Used to work at Eden and its opened up alot of oppurtunity down here. After working there 6 months the domes still took my breath away, nothing like it on earth. Eden Sessions in the summer open it up to not just garden inthusiasts but people of all ages.

rosemary irvine, canada
I used 2 live here many years ago I love cornwall very much I think Eden is out of this world. Well worth seeing. I love coming home on holiday.

James Ullman San Marcos, California
My two best friends live in Bodmin and they took us to visit The Eden Project shortly after it opened. It was fantastic - certainly nothing like it here in the States. I can't wait to return. Cornwall is like heaven on earth.

Jessica - Cornwall
It has done so much for buisness in Cornwall and is an inspiration for other people to start appreciating Cornwall.

josie camborne
i just love eden been there lots of times it is always something going on keep up the good work taken all my family there they haue never seen any thing like it

Denzil - Cornwall
I've been a Cornishman all my life and I've never seen anything like it. Bought tears to my eyes.

ray steer from New Zealand
Very good! The only place in the world, you never see anything like eden, we truly loved it we would go back again. We enjoyed the photos thankyou, we printed them.

Mr &Mrs Stamp Crayford Kent
We have just returned from Cornwall after a "Gardens" holiday, everywhere was beautiful and full of interest, but the Climax was Eden Project this is something you can just keep coming back to ! Thank you to the people of vision who created this !!

John, Stoke On Trent
Me and my girlfriend came in easter 2002. We both thought it was fantastic, a cross between Glastonbury and the chelsea flower show. We'll be re-visiting soon to see how much its grown.

Alan Thomas Formby
Tried 3 times to visit Eden traveled from Mousehole each time site full after waiting hours.However we did get to see the Lost Gardens of Hellegan which more than made up for not seeing Eden.

Bill Grigg - Hales Owen
A wonderful example of a vision not spolit by a committee. Cornwall shows London how to do things properly!

I have seen a documentry on your work there, keep it up your doing good

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