How can I access BBC Bitesize Daily?

The BBC’s newly expanded educational output will bring 14 weeks of educational programmes and lessons to every household in the country during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Bitesize Daily will air on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button targeting six age groups from five to fourteen where teachers, experts and famous faces cover off what that age group should be learning that day
  • Two brand new daily education podcasts will be available on BBC Sounds aimed at parents of primary and secondary pupils
  • BBC Four will devote a block of programming each weekday evening to shows that support GCSE and A-Level curriculums

You can read more about these services on the BBC Media Centre.

For frequently asked questions - including how to access these programmes and what ages they are available for - you can visit the BBC Bitesize website.

If you are a teacher or are homeschooling and would like to plan your lessons, you can view our daily lessons schedule on the BBC Bitesize website.