How do I turn off autoplay on BBC News videos?

Our autoplay function will be set to on when you play a BBC News video for the first time, which will play another video automatically. 

If you don't want the videos to play one after the other, you can turn off this feature by clicking on the settings cog in the playback bar and switching off the Autoplay toggle

Image of a dog sleeping with Autoplay toggle in bottom right corner switched off

Alternatively, you will see a prompt on screen between videos that will allow you to stop another from loading by clicking on Cancel.

Image of a child smiling with Autoplay menu at bottom showing the Cancel option

If you are using the mobile app, you can press pause to stop another video playing.

A BBC News video on the mobile app, with a pause button on the lower left hand of the video

You can also stop videos from playing automatically by pressing on Menu and then Settings.