How can I ask a question about a BBC programme or service?

Coronavirus queries

We know that at this time you may have many questions to help keep yourself and those around you safe. BBC News is providing extensive coverage and information about the pandemic and answering common questions (you can get in touch by emailing or using the hashtag #BBCYourQuestions on Twitter). 

We can't provide personal advice to you through this particular site, but would point to NHS.CO.UK for health information and GOV.UK for the government response. 


We know that many of you might have a question about something you have seen or heard on the BBC, or maybe you need help with one of our services.

From wanting to know when a certain programme is coming back, to finding out the piece of music in a programme you watched, we get a wide variety of questions from our viewers and listeners.

That’s why we created the ‘Questions’ site you’re visiting right now.

If multiple people ask us the same question, we publish this information to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you are looking for.

You can use the search bar, or look through the categories, on the Questions home page to see if we have already answered this question in one of our articles.

Naturally it’s not possible for us to answer every question on this site, so if we haven’t already answered it, just click on Get more help below and we’ll try to find the answer for you.