BBC News, June 2020

Summary of complaint

We received complaints from people who feel our coverage of the anti-racism demonstrations which have been held across the UK hasn’t reflected the public health implications.

Our response

Our coverage of the anti-racism protests which have been held across the UK has made clear that they are taking place amid the coronavirus pandemic and the public health concerns they’ve therefore raised.  We have reflected the calls from government representatives, and others, that people don’t attend as mass gatherings breach social distancing guidelines and risk spreading the virus.  We have also heard from the police on the challenges they face policing these demonstrations and the reasons they have taken the approach they have.

We have spoken to those participating and asked them why, despite the public health concerns, they still felt the need to attend.  However, we have also reported that many of the protesters have been wearing masks and the instances when social distancing has been attempted.

The protests sparked by the death of George Floyd have had many implications, including those related to public health which have been reflected as part of our overall coverage of this story.