BBC News, September & October 2019

Summary of complaint

We received complaints from people who felt our coverage of a Parliamentary debate over the use of inflammatory language in Brexit policy has been biased against the government and the Prime Minister.

Our response

We broadcast much of the debate live on our News Channel, and in its entirety on BBC Parliament. We reported the language used by people from a number of political parties – and discussed the issue of language with a wide range of contributors over the next few days.

We consider we made it clear in our reporting that the questions relating to inflammatory language and Jo Cox were put forward by Paula Sherriff and Tracey Brabin.

As with any story we cover, BBC News does not have an opinion on the European Union, or on the UK’s position within it. Instead we try to explain the different and sometimes complex issues affecting our audience during Brexit.  Our aim is to give them the information they need in order to follow the process, and the latest updates clearly.