Countryfile, BBC One, 28 June 2020

Summary of complaint

We received complaints about a tweet by @Countryfile in relation to minority ethnic groups and the countryside.

Our response

The twitter post on @BBCCountryfile on Sunday 28 June directly reflects the findings of an independent report commissioned by DEFRA, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, which was published as “Landscapes Review”  in September 2019. 

This government report concluded that, ‘Many communities in modern Britain feel that these landscapes hold no relevance for them. The countryside is seen by both black, Asian and minority ethnic groups and white people as very much a “white” environment. If that is true today, then the divide is only going to widen as society changes. Our countryside will end up being irrelevant to the country that actually exists.’

It was the questions raised by this report, with its conclusions and recommendations, that formed the basis for the feature in the programme, presented by Dwayne Fields, the wildlife enthusiast and explorer. Countryfile set out to examine the important issues raised in light of recent events across the country.