BBC Breakfast, BBC One, 11 November 2019

Summary of complaint

We received complaints about incorrect footage from the Remembrance Day service in 2016.

Our response

The BBC has apologised for using an archive clip of Remembrance Sunday in its on-the-day coverage.

The archive footage of Remembrance Sunday from 2016 was restored to the production system early on Sunday 10th November to preview the Remembrance Day service. It was mistakenly re-used after the service, the following day, on Armistice Day.

On the day of the mistake we apologised for the error on the BBC Breakfast social media account and posted a response on the BBC Corrections & Clarifications site

Additionally the Editor of BBC Breakfast appeared on the weekly BBC programme ‘Newswatch’, which is also transmitted during BBC Breakfast, to explain the error in more detail. The episode is available here

It was a human error which will happen from time to time in the high-pressure environment of the newsroom, but we are reflecting on what happened and it’s clear there is a lesson to be learned from the confusion which was caused.