Future of Content: Immersive Experiences

The Future of Content programme was designed to inspire and develop innovative digital experiences for BBC online around specific themes that suit how our audiences are behaving; considering what audiences will be seeing, feeling and doing. We’ve been exploring the technologies we can add to our creative armoury and examine what they can add to the content we create. The programme has been providing the complimentary expertise needed to design these experiences and the platform to try it out in front of our audiences.


This theme in the Future of Content programme asked external agencies to submit proposals for immersive digital content experiences, using technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, gaming technologies or similar.

We are interested in immersive experiences that are more than placing someone in the heart of the action (eg backstage) or being able to control the action (eg an interactive choice) but where both styles are pushed one step further. Can the experience be more about the user? We want to explore ways for users to become part of a story, whether generated or emergent.


External agencies were invited to submit proposals based upon a brief that was available through the BBC's procurement system.


The first of these pilots is now live; 'Rome's Invisible City VR' is an immersive, three-dimensional virtual reality experience that takes viewers on an interactive journey through hidden treasures of the city. You can try the pilot on BBC Taster through the link below. Further pilots will be going live in the next few weeks.

Rome's Invisible City VR