About Connected Studio

What is Connected Studio?

Connected Studio provides the inspiration, support and platform to help keep the BBC at the cutting-edge of online innovation, and a world leader at delivering engaging broadcast experiences.

With audience needs at the forefront of development, Connected Studio devises collaboration to produce innovative digital pilots and offers access to tools, guidance and insight through MakerBox. From workshops with artists and production companies to publishing digital pilots on BBC Taster, Connected Studio provides the resource needed to reach audiences in new and diverse digital ways.

The Connected Studio innovation network...

Connected Studio MakerBox

MakerBox connects curious minds to the community, tools and resources to inspire them.
It is an online community built around sharing access to cutting edge technology from both inside and outside BBC R&D and facilitating sharing and conversation around it in the MakerBox Community Forum.

BBC Taster

BBC Taster is the audience-facing platform that was built and is run through Connected Studio. It is a website that invites our public audiences to try, rate and share the latest digital pilots from across the BBC, showcasing a range of digital tools, techniques and content.

BBC News Labs

BBC News Labs drives innovation in BBC News online through story-driven journalism, technology and data. Connected Studio and News Labs host regular events, including our #newsHACKs, that bring together people from across media, journalism and academia to devise new concepts and ideas around digital news.

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