Religion and ethics on BBC Two

Current focus

  • Constructed series with debate at their heart
  • Longitudinal access documentaries with insight into the inner world of religious institutions
  • Travelogues which explore big religion and ethics subjects


BBC Two is the home of privileged access to major institutions and we are seeking new access ideas in the religion/ethics space which will deliver eye-opening insights.

Travel has always been a brilliant way of exploring different religions, faiths and cultures. We're especially interested in finding ideas like Dangerous Borders: A Journey across India & Pakistan which gave a platform to new talent but also explored contemporary and timely issues.

We're equally interested in formatted ideas which have the potential to return year on year. They would need to complement our celebrity travel series Pilgrimage which is returning for a second series in 2019.

We know our audience value the unpacking of the moral/ethical issues which affect British society.   

We are actively seeking landmark documentaries on ethical subjects and encourage suppliers to come to us with unique access or unique journalism.  

Contemporary and hugely purposed - we will continue to seek out ideas that question ideas around faith, belief and ethics. 

We Are British Jews, like Muslims Like Us before it, took a constructed approach to religion/faith and Abortion on Trial tackled a big subject in a bold, simple way.

For both our series and singles we want timely pieces with a sense of real authorship and distinctiveness. We want to be reflecting back at the audience the subjects they're talking about already at home.

We've started to talk about what would be the equivalent of A Dangerous Dynasty: House of Assad in the religion/ethics space (a brilliantly executed history series which had extraordinary twists, turns and testimony), and at the other end of the spectrum what would be the genre's equivalent of Victoria & Albert: The Royal Wedding? - something which a sense of pleasure and event.


Religion and ethics commissioning sits within the wider specialist factual commissioning team. Tom McDonald is the Head of Specialist Factual and Natural History Commissioning. All proposals for religion and ethics should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant commissioners as listed on this page.

Find out more about the commissioning and pitching process on the who we are and how we commission page and get top tips on how to pitch on the pitching for TV page. Producers in the nations and regions can also contact the factual nations and regions leads as listed on the Who we are and how we commission page. Producers with ideas for online and digital content linked to documentaries content will find further information on the factual digital commissioning page.


Information reviewed 2 December 2018

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