Individuals and members of the public can not use BBC Pitch. Please visit the Ideas from the public page instead. 

Existing users: log on to BBC Pitch 


BBC Pitch is the tool by which UK based television production companies and BBC in-house production teams can submit content proposals for BBC network television.

Eligible companies must register for a BBC Pitch account before submitting a proposal and must read and accept the BBC Pitch terms and conditions. Please see the Eligibility criteria section for further information.  

Please note, individuals not affiliated with an independent production company cannot register to use BBC Pitch, please see the Ideas from the public page instead.

Those wishing to submit ideas for BBC Radio should visit the separate Radio section of the site and please see the Online section to find out how to submit digital and technology ideas. 

BBC Pitch is part of BBC Television’s commitment to improve the commissioning process, enabling BBC commissioners to consider programme ideas more efficiently. It is designed to simplify the process of managing and tracking proposals and allows the BBC to monitor whether it is correctly operating within the Code of practice.

The system does not replace any of the creative conversations with BBC commissioning teams, it is simply a way to manage ideas better. BBC Television receives up to 10,000 proposals a year and time with commissioners is limited so meetings will always be based upon the merit of the proposal submitted through BBC Pitch.


How Pitch works

Once successfully registered with an account on BBC Pitch users can submit content proposals to BBC commissioners via the Pitch dashboard.

Users must specify a genre and relevant commissioner to submit the proposal to. Users will need to withdraw and resubmit a proposal if they wish to change the commissioner or genre during the process.

Each proposal submitted through BBC Pitch is automatically and securely logged with a unique proposal number for reference purposes. 

Please see the Pitch how to guide (PDF) to find out more about using Pitch.


Eligibility criteria

BBC Pitch accounts are for proposals for network or Nations originated content from UK based independent production companies who have either had:

(a) A BBC TV commission in the last three years

(b) A TV commission for another major UK broadcaster in the last three years.

Permissions will be assigned based on a company’s credits.

The system is not for the following groups/people:

  • Members of the public (please visit the Ideas from the public page instead)
  • Individual production professionals (please visit the Supplying the BBC or BBC Careers sites instead)
  • Production companies based outside the UK. (Strands with an international focus should be contacted directly. See the Storyville commissioning page for contact information.)
  • Companies without production capability (ie agents)
  • Companies in UK or abroad proposing acquisitions (please see the Acquisitions page for further information)
  • Organisations providing goods or production services or individuals seeking employment – (please visit the Supplying the BBC site instead)
  • For film script ideas including comedy film scripts please visit the BBC Films website for further information and contacts

In exceptional circumstances, commissioning editors may wish to invite a company or individual who would not meet the eligibility criteria into the system. This will be at the discretion of the commissioning teams. The eligibility criteria along with production company accounts will be regularly reviewed by a cross genre review panel.

BBC Studios should direct ideas to the relevant genre head of development for consideration in the first instance. 


How to register

Before registering please carefully read the: 

Please complete the application form available on the BBC Pitch site as thoroughly as possible to help the BBC to process applications efficiently. Account registrations are subject to review and approval before they are confirmed or declined. This may take a while during busy periods.

A company should have one account only. Multiple users can be added and managed by the account administrator as needed.

Groups: individual production companies who are part of a group should register separately. If proposals are submitted under an individual production company name, then that company should be registered.  

Multiple bases: a company with more than one base can choose to register each base separately. It is important to include the location in the company title ie production company name (North) etc.

If no acknowledgment email is received within an hour of registering, please check your spam filter or junk folder, and make sure is set as a recognised email address.  

If there is no email in the junk folder then the BBC haven’t received the application. In the event of a problem, please contact

Information to provide when registering:

  • The company name and parent company if applicable, the address, website, email and telephone number
  • Information for a company profile: list in descending chronological order any eligible production credits, with the year of transmission (see eligibility criteria above)
  • Any previous names the company has been known by
  • An identified person who will act as the account administrator for the company
  • Supplier type: please note that the term non-qualifying independent is defined in the Communications Act 2002. Explanation and further information abouts quotas and targets can be found on the Who we are and how we commission page


Account administrator

Each company should have one account and the account administrator will be able to add additional users as required. The account administrator is responsible for:

  • Being the key contact for the company's BBC Pitch account.
  • Keeping the company profile information up to date.
  • Adding and suspending users.
  • Updating a change in the account administrator by nominating another user to take responsibility for the account. Further details about changing users are in the BBC Pitch how to guide (PDF).

Important: If an administrator is unavailable or leaves the company it is important that the role is handed over to another user. The BBC is unable to carry out the above duties on behalf of a company account, this is the responsibility of the company administrator. For queries about supplier access to ex-colleague administrator accounts please contact


Username and password

New accounts

Once a registration is accepted, the account administrator will be sent their username and password to the email address supplied on the application.  

The production company’s account administrator will be responsible for setting up individual accounts and passwords for additional users within that company.

Passwords for BBC users 

Once set-up on system by their genre head of development, BBC users will use the same login details for Pitch and their BBC desktop.

Passwords for external users

When a new user is added to an account a password will be sent to the email address entered by the account administrator. Users can change their password via the profile screen. Please see the BBC Pitch how to guide (PDF) for more details.  

Password security and resetting your password for external users

  • New passwords are automatically generated and can only be sent to the registered email account associated with that username
  • For security reasons, once a password is changed the BBC does not have access to the new password. There is no centrally maintained list of passwords
  • Do not share account passwords with anyone else
  • Passwords must have at least eight characters and contain both letters and numbers

An account will be locked if an incorrect password is entered six times. This is an intentional security feature designed to protect accounts.

If an account is locked please use the forgotten password link on the Pitch login to reset the password.

New registration applications should not be submitted for forgotten/lost passwords. These will be rejected. 


Submitting a proposal

Once an account has been approved proposals can be submitted by logging into the account and clicking the ‘Create a new proposal’ button. Get the step-by-step instructions for submitting a proposal in the BBC pitch how to guide (PDF)

If there are technical problems submitting a proposal please contact the BBC Pitch admin team at Any queries regarding your proposal should be directed to the commissioning teams.


System requirements

BBC Pitch is operational on the following browsers and across a number of mobile devices:

  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome 



For any comments or feedback on the BBC Pitch tool please contact the Pitch admin team at