Documentaries on BBC Four

Our current needs:
  • International documentaries via Storyville
  • Films that reveal the things that are hidden in plain sight such as The Prosecutors: Real Crime and Punishment
  • Films that delve into Britain’s hidden communities, ideally using archive to reveal more
  • New forms of storytelling such as our successful ‘slow’ programmes  or Life and Deaf
Find out more:

BBC Four concentrates on music and arts and opportunities for documentaries outside of Storyville are therefore more limited than on other channels. Please see the Storyville commissioning page for further information and contacts.

In addition to Storyville we do have some opportunities for documentary singles and the occasional series. These tend to be contemporary pieces with a present tense narrative and offer a really singular, often authored perspective or a unique way of handling a subject that will make viewers think differently. BBC Four is not about being niche but about experimenting and innovating with form to find the best and most exciting ways to tell a story.

A recent example of the distinctive tone we seek on BBC Four is The Sikhs of Smethwick, which offered a new and diverse view of Britain. Additionally the channel is finding new ways to evolve its celebrated ‘slow’ content, most recently with the exquisite detail of MAKE! Craft Britain and we are always interested in new ideas for this hugely successful area.

We are always interested in innovation and originality but finances are limited and the bar is high!


All proposals should be submitted via BBC Pitch to the relevant genre controller or commissioner.