To complement original commissioned content the BBC aims to bring the best international movies and programmes to its audiences. Find out about factual and fiction acquisitions.

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Arts commissioning opportunities

BBC One: Limited opportunities for lightly formatted series with occasional talent-led singles

BBC Two: Focus on Saturday night singles and new approaches to landmark

BBC Four: New ways of doing three-part series beyond travelogue + single films with strong authorship

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BBC Three

Commissioning priorities

Find out more about commissioning needs across genres and forms

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BBC Children's: 0-6 and 6-16

We are looking for noisy content that stands out from the crowd,
Content delivered whenever and wherever the audience wants it,
Content that enables the audience to create, connect and share in new ways. 

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Comedy commissioning priorities

BBC comedy commissions approximately 120 hours of content a year. Watch Shane, Alex and Gregor outline the opportunities for new content across BBC One, Two and Three.

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Current affairs

Commissioning priorities

BBC OnePanorama episodes of 30 minutes and more, some 60 minutes to run as specials

BBC Two: We want bold simple concepts and content which gets closer to everyday concerns

BBC Three: We want more sharply opinionated content along with ideas that examine domestic issues

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Daytime opportunities on BBC One

The invitation to tender (ITT) for the BBC One daytime series Bargain Hunt is now available to download from the daytime on One commissioning page.

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Commissioning priorities

BBC One: Access + popular or lightly formatted documentaries and big singles 

BBC Two: Access + Sunday night 9pm series and series with light constructs for mid-week

BBC Three: International films and innovative new ways of telling stories

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Drama commissioning

BBC One: don’t be afraid to bring your boldest and most ambitious drama ideas to One

BBC Two: a brilliant place to push the boundaries in terms of what our audience expect from BBC drama

BBC Three: this is a great place for new talent, both on and off-screen, to find their voice

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Early peak

Early peak opportunities on BBC Two

Factual entertainment and entertainment shows, 30 minutes at 6pm and 6.30pm on BBC Two

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Commissioning priorities

BBC One: One or more peak shows for Saturday nights + Saturday early evening series from the Nations

BBC Two: Sunday night 8pm and 9pm - series of 60 minutes

BBC Three: Three x longform series a year that will repeat on BBC One or Two

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Commissioning priorities

BBC OneFormatted series + innovative singles

BBC Two: Experiential history, reputational landmarks, returnable formats for 8pm and noisy singles and two-parters

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BBC Bitesize brings together the BBC formal education content into one highly trusted brand covering a wide-range of online content types including short-form video, interactive activities, study guides and infographics.

BBC Teach is a new and exciting YouTube channel to support students and teachers in the classroom by curating the best of BBC videos, clips and other resources.

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Commissioning priorities

BBC One: Documentaries on top artists, performance films and authored single events

BBC Two: Saturday night single films of 60 or 90 and new ways of doing classical 

BBC Four: Seeking a popular music series and single documentary films for Fridays nights

BBC iPlayer: ideas that tap into the emotional power of music and can inspire a variety of emotions 

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Music on iPlayer

BBC Music on BBC iPlayer

We are excited by ideas that tap into the emotional power of music which forms an integral part of peoples’ lives and can inspire a variety of emotions - joy, anger, sadness, elation.

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Natural history

Natural History priorities

BBC One: Ambitious event pieces, returnable shows, dramatic ideas or ones deploying new technology

BBC Two: Reinventions of place-based landmarks, events and experiments

BBC Four: 60 or 90 minute events, documentary singles and series ideas using physics or chemistry

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For BBC One we are seeking:

  • Ideas which deploy new technology or new camera techniques to tell natural history stories in entirely new ways
  • Popular natural history series with cutting edge science to tell smart, funny, insightful stories
  • Single films or series which tackle contemporary subjects
  • Big event pieces that will stand out in the schedule
  • New ways of telling Natural History stories
  • Contemporary access which tells a Natural History story

For BBC Two we are seeking:

  • Natural History events: live or as live but bringing the audience close to the action, either in constructed environment or in the field
  • People and Animals: stories of those with extraordinary proximity to
  • Innovative new takes on animal soap operas
  • New ways of delivering blue chip Natural History stories with innovative technology or storytelling
  • New ways of doing travel and travelogue - with authentic presenters or talent at their heart


For BBC Four we are seeking:

  • Big event pieces
  • Stand out single films
  • Travelogue and immersive journeys with a strong natural world narrative

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Craig Hunter

Watch Commissioning Editor Craig Hunter discuss his strategy for Natural History, his commissioning priorities and role.

Craig also commissions Specialist Factual Formats programming. Find out more about the new genre including interviews with Head of Commissioning Tom McDonald.

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Religion and ethics

Religion and ethics commissioning priorities

2019 is going to be a 'Year Of Belief' and we're interested in ideas from suppliers which tackle questions of morals, values, ethics and beliefs in interesting and surprising ways.

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What we want on BBC One

  • Very occasional opportunities for singles or short series at either peak, post peak or daytime.

BBC One is home to a large array of religion broadcasting, from Songs of Praise to the Sunday morning debates of Sunday Morning Live and The Big Questions.

This is the channel that also sees many of our key religious festivals marked and celebrated.

What we want on BBC Two

  • Seeking occasional singles and series, either 8pm or 9pm

BBC Two has tended to occupy the landmark category, often combining travel and history. The opportunities for these remain but with issues of religion, belief, ethics and sectarianism so dominating the headlines we are keen to have proposals that help us reflect and investigate these areas.


Science commissioning priorities

BBC One: Landmark, popular domestic formats, new forms of social experiments and well-known presenter-led singles

BBC Two: Adrenalised travel, landmarks, formats and factual theatre

BBC Four: Specialist access, hybrid ideas and factual theatre

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Specialist factual

Specialist factual

Watch Head of Natural History and Specialist Factual Commissioning Tom McDonald outline how the team works and the latest headline commissioning needs

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Storyville commissioning priorities

Ground breaking films with compelling narratives and strong characters, which though international in scope, have themes that touch us all.

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Nations and Regions commissioning