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  • BBC Television delivery timeline

    A step by step guide to delivering a television programme to the BBC including all forms, documents and contacts.

    Television production

  • Programme websites: online promotion

    Programme websites: online promotion

    Programme website (programme page) content including clips and images.

    Television production

  • Health and safety and insurance

    Health and safety and insurance

    Safety advice, the health and safety questionnaire, managed risk programme list, Quartz E&O schemes and links to the BBC Safety website and production insurance information.

    Television production

  • Finance and invoicing

    Finance and invoicing

    Payments, auditing, production/progress reporting, reporting distribution revenues, alternative funding, Directors UK and Creative skillset.

    Television production

  • Short-form delivery on BBC Three

    Short-form delivery on BBC Three

    Find the latest delivery information for short-form (shortform) content on BBC Three. Please note longform content should be delivered via the standard routes.

    Television production

  • How to deliver live and close to transmission

    How to deliver live and close to transmission

    Delivery requirements including contacts and paperwork.

    Television production

  • Red Button

    Red Button

    Production and delivery for Red Button including editorial guidelines, paperwork (including billing, transmission, music reporting, compliance and programme as completed forms), marketing and promotion requirements and contacts.

    Television production

  • Compliance for television and online

    Compliance for television and online

    Television and online short-form (shortform) or clip compliance information including compliance forms, mandatory referrals, I&RP Ofcom compliance form, clip guidance labels and compliance responsibility.

    Television production

  • Publicity


    Requirements and delivery for stills/images, clips, marketing trails, production script, preview copies for BBC Previews and general publicity and press office contacts along with information on the Television billing / billings form and silvermouse. Find programme week calendars on the A-Z.

    Television production

  • TV  A - Z

    TV A - Z

    All the documents and information across the site for TV.

    Television production, TV Commissioning

  • Production resources

    Production resources

    Sustainability and the albert calculator and albert carbon footprint form, sustainability, finding a studio audience and contributors, BBC studios and post production facilities, action lines and audience support, Pronunciation unit, using BBC Archive, access services and audience complaints and the audiences portal for audience information.

    Television production

  • Working with children

    Working with children

    Child protection policy and code of conduct, information on obtaining a license to work with a child and notifying the BBC.

    Television production

  • TV contacts

    TV contacts

    All delivery and business contacts across television including indie delivery unit, access services, acquisitions, children's, TMO, ITACU, current operations, compliance, the EPG and International unit, media management and intake, rights, legal and business affairs, copyright, music reporting, BBC Pictures, media management, copyright, music, music reporting, pictures, playout, planning, the review center, edits, re-edits and reversions and satellite bookings.

    Television production, TV Commissioning

  • Archive, rights and clearances

    Archive, rights and clearances

    Information on music clearance and licenses including the blanket music license, FastClear (Music Autoclear) and the Music reporting form, copyright, silvermouse, contributors, the Programme as completed (P as C) form, BBC Redux and The Digital Archive, key agreements and other third party agreements, BBC Store, clips, use of BBC and non-BBC Archive and commercial exploitation.

    Television production

  • Credits and branding

    Credits and branding

    TV Credits including principles and A - Z guide, credit durations, opening and closing credits, DOGs - DOG (Digital on screen graphics) logos and animated logos, branding for indie and in-house and third party design commercial guidelines, trade marks, joint promotion guidelines, talent as executive producer policy, CBBC and CBeebies crediting and branding and more.

    Television production

  • Diversity, portrayal and representation

    Diversity, portrayal and representation

    Contacts and information about Television on-screen and off-screen portrayal form, Diamond (DIAMOND), the diversity code of practice, diversity data, silvermouse, the Children's on and off-screen portrayal form and Production Access Guide along with the diversity and inclusion development fund, the Portrayal fund and disability strategy.

    Television production

  • Policies and guidelines

    Policies and guidelines

    Policies and guidelines on programme release policy, holdback policy, digital release policy, anti-bribery policy, accessibility policy, audience interactivity policy, child protection policy, data protection policy, editorial standards and training, fair trading policy, joint promotions policy, ITACU, facilitation payments policy, ticketing and stewarding, alternative funding policy, Directors UK, library sales, location policy and production incentives policy and more.

    Television production

  • Technical requirements

    Technical requirements

    File and tape technical standards and requirements, delivery, topicality status, technical review, file delivery, UID, Transmission form, clone delivery policy, programme durations, reversioning and links to the DPP website for file delivery.

    Television production

  • Open University production and delivery

    Open University production and delivery

    Open University tape delivery requirements, Learning Journey versions, paperwork, publicity and stills information, credits and branding and endboards.

    Television production