New opportunity: BBC Ideas Service digital concept visualisation

BBC Ideas Service is a core part of the future vision for the BBC and its partners. It will be an online platform for the ideas that matter and for the people who want to explore them. The Service will host the best content from the BBC and from some of our country's leading culture and knowledge institutions. It will cover the big questions the world cares about. For further context about the Ideas Service please see the 2015 Charter Review document (PDF).

Ideas Service is looking for a creative digital agency to help explore and illustrate clearly the propositional concept of ‘Idea Chains and Connections’ and to concretely and clearly demonstrate this concept to potential audiences and stakeholders. 

The concept includes three strands: ‘Augmented TV and Radio’, ‘The Survey of Me’ and 'The Real World'.

The deliverable will be an interactive, visually compelling, ‘clickable’ presentation of the concept, how each theme works, and how the three might fit together from a user's perspective.

This ‘sacrificial’ showpiece will clearly illustrate an holistic Ideas Service experience from the audience's point of view. It will also allow content producers to add candidate content to the presentation and build curated user journeys, via ‘Connections’, into the deliverable. 

The successful agency will show a proven track record in:  

  • Creative design and technology skills - in particular practically articulating an emerging digital product, concept, and/or experience in a clickable interactive format. 
  • Excellent project management - this work will involve pulling together diverse strands to form a coherent demonstration. 
  • Agile working methods - this is a developing proposition.


The expected budget will be £55,000 - £70,000.

The expected start date for this project is on or before 1 September 2016, with final delivery October 2016. This project may lead to further work in the future.

The deadline for proposal submissions is 24 August 2016.


Proposals should be sent via email to Jenny Chapman. Please send any queries to Jenny.


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