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The Office paper planes

paper plane

Thought you could come to The Office website and just sit there and stare at your screen? It's time to get creative with our fantastic office paper planes!

We've created a truck load of templates for you to print out, fold up and throw at your work shy colleagues. Pick from David, Dawn, Gareth, Tim or Keith. Each lovingly made paper jet has a space for you to write a little message to your chosen target. If you're a novice paper folder then easy to follow pictorial instructions are below. A 5 year old could do it.

Your templates are on the right-hand side and require Adobe Acrobat. Once you've donwloaded your planes just follow the instructions below

Need a bit of help with your folding?

Here are our easy step by step instructions. Follow them carefully for maximum performance!

fold in half

1. Blank side up. Fold the page in half along Line 1.

turn down corners

2. Open the paper up again. Fold down corners A and B towards you so that they meet at the centre fold.

fold down triangle

3. Now fold the triangle made by A & B down the blank side.

fold in new corners

4. Take corners C and D and fold them in towards the centre of the page until their points touch E and F respectively.

ta da!

5. This is what you should have so far - the printed side is now showing.

fold up flap and lock

6. Now fold up the little triangle marked "FLAP" so that it covers (and "locks") corners C & D.

fold back paper

7. Fold the paper back in half along Line 1. And you're almost there!

fold down wings

8. Now fold down the "wings" along Lines 4 & 5 so that the two halves of the face meet.

That's it! You're ready to fly!

The planes

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