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24 September 2014
The Office

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episode six

The Office Series 2, episode 6. First aired 04/11/2002

in this episode...

test yourself
Gareth has bought a present for his friend 'Gobbler' - what is it?

The news of David's redundancy is not having the devastating effect on the office that he would have liked but brighter things are on the horizon as Inside Paper are writing a feature on him.

A hitherto unknown facet of Gareth's character is revealed when a woman caller asks him to come round and bring his "toys" - much to the amusement of Tim and Dawn. The Kiss on Comic Relief Day seems to have sparked Tim into action and he breaks off his fling with Rachel before confronting Dawn with his true feelings - will she reciprocate?

Brent-ism of the episode
David Brent"My world does not end with these four walls - Slough's a big place. And when I'm finished with Slough there's... Reading, Aldershot, Bracknell, you know. I've got Didcot, Yateley..."

David's life is about to go from low to lower. Ray and Jude from Cooper and Webb arrive and inform him, in front of Helena the Inside Paper journo, that they won't be requiring his services anymore. In a fit of pique he throws them all out of his office. When Neil and Jennifer come to confirm his redundancy package David abandons his pride and begs for his job. But will they listen?

too good to miss out...

Tim: "You got good buttocks Gareth?"
Gareth: "Yes"
Tim: "Can we see them?"
Gareth: "No - gay"

Helena: "Is there a 'chick in tow' at the moment?"
David: "Oh I don't kiss and tell"
Helena: "I'm just trying to find out if you're in a relationship at the moment"
David: "Oh, Brent says 'no comment'"
Helena: "So you don't have a girlfriend?"
David: "Well what is a 'girlfriend'?"
Helena: "Someone you'd have sex with"
David: "Oh.. Don't get coarse in a magazine for the public - I don't think you'd win a Pulitzer Prize for filth"

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