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28 October 2014

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Comedy Saxondale

Series two starts at 9.30pm on Thursday 23 August.

Tommy and Magz

Steve Coogan returns as Tommy Saxondale, the world-travelled ex-roadie with anger-management issues and a pest control business in Stevenage.

Still living with his girlfriend Magz, proprietress of the anarchic T-shirt shop Smash the System, Tommy continues to wage war on pests large and small.

RaymondTommy regards himself as a maverick and a free-thinker and takes every opportunity to impart his wisdom to his young assistant Raymond.

And as well as Pharaoh ants, mice and occasionally moths, Tommy has to battle with snowboarders, pigeon-loving activists... and people who talk about property prices.

If I want to hear electronic bleeps and farts, I'll put my foot through the windscreen of the Rascal and listen to the alarm going off

Tommy on dance music

While Tommy enjoys talking about himself, training Raymond in the mysterious and deadly art of pest control, and sharing a few life lessons, Raymond has little choice but to listen. He lives in Tommy's spare room and gets an uncomfortably close view of Tommy and Magz's sparky relationship.

Tommy knows his own mind and isn't afraid to speak it. Unfortunately, those around him don't give him quite the level of respect he feels he deserves.

VickyVicky, the receptionist who hands out the jobs for Tommy's Stealth Pest Control operation, takes 'banter' to the next level, knowing exactly how to provoke instant frustration.

And that's going to result in a few more visits to the anger management course.

KeanuSeries two brings new characters to the fold, including Tommy's old rocker pal Malcolm, his neighbours Jonathan and Beverley, and Keanu the squatter. Watch out for cameos from Kevin Eldon, Simon Greenall and Rosie Cavaliero too.

The incidental music in the show is composed by Matt Berry, as seen on The Mighty Boosh and Snuffbox. The title track is by the band Focus.


Steve Coogan
Tommy Saxondale
Ruth Jones
Rasmus Hardiker
Morwenna Banks
Simon Greenall
Darren Boyd
Rosie Cavaliero
Kevin Eldon
Steve Coogan


Steve Coogan
Writer / Executive Producer
Neil Maclennan
Ben Miller
Script Editor / Director (Series 1, Ep 1)
Matt Lipsey
Ted Dowd
Henry Normal
Executive Producer

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