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24 September 2014
I AM the vicar!

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Ben EltonBen Elton
Benjamin Charles Elton was already a successful stand-up comedian when he began writing sit-coms. The alternative comedy movement of the 1980s provided the perfect home for his anti-Thatcher material, (Oooh! Little bit of politics there) and he made regular sparkly-suited appearances on the legendary Saturday and Friday Night Live.

His rapid-fire delivery meant he got through twice the material of others, and stopped hecklers in their tracks.

His first sit-com credit was as co-writer of the classic The Young Ones. He then went on to co-write Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth with Richard Curtis. Many say that Elton and Curtis took a rough diamond and fashioned a gem.

His TV show Ben Elton: The Man From Auntie caused as much uproar as it won viewers, though The Ben Elton Show failed to cause quite such a stir.

By 2000 having established himself as a successful novelist, screen writer, and comedian, Ben Elton then turned to film directing with Maybe Baby.

  2000 Maybe Baby (Film)
  1990 Ben Elton: The Man From Auntie (TV)
  1989 Blackadder Goes Forth (TV)
  1987 Blackadder the Third (TV)
  1986 Blackadder II (TV)
  1982 The Young Ones (TV)

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