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10 October 2014

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Marjorie Dawes

Marjorie Dawes

Marjorie Dawes is the terrifying leader of weight loss support group Fatfighters.

Marjorie Dawes

Every week, she mercilessly belittles and humiliates the group for being so, well, fat, while all the time oblivious to her own size, and desperately trying to conceal her compulsive consumption of biscuits, crisps and any other junk she can get her hands on.

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Marjorie takes the weekly weigh-in

Marjorie: You see your problem is, Tania, you're fat AND old. It gets harder, and there's no man is there, you're on your own?

Tania: Yes, my husband left me.

Marjorie: Yeah, well, he would have done. Yeah, younger woman weren't it?

Tania: Yeah.

Marjorie: Forty-nine, yeah, so you're on your own now, every night crying and eating. Well, at least you've got all of us here at FatFighters to make you feel better. Off you pop. Oh, she stinks an' all...

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