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10 October 2014

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Lou and Andy

Lou and Andy

In Herby City live Andy and his carer Lou. Lou selflessly dedicates his life to looking after wheelchair-bound Andy and Andy selfishly dedicates his life to making things as difficult as possible for Lou.

Lou and Andy

What Lou doesn't know is that there's nothing wrong with Andy's legs, and whenever he turns his back, Andy's off out of his chair and gambolling about like a fat, balding, semi-naked spring lamb.

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Andy the philosopher

Andy's not as monosyllabic as you might think, and in fact has strongly held opinions on a wide range of subjects. For example:

The sea: Andy thinks the sea is a dark and brutal force that has dragged many an innocent to a watery grave.

France: France can never be forgiven for surrendering to the German war machine and collaborating with their occupiers to set up the Vichy government.

Ice skating: It's boring. Torville and Dean's Barnum routine aside, ice skating is aesthetically bankrupt.

The countryside: Andy believes the natural world has a sublime beauty, unrivalled by anything manmade.

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