Indonesia has recently undergone rapid development and life has improved for most people. However, this has taken a toll on the environment. People feel that the number of trees and animals has decreased and more than half believe that the weather is now hotter and less predictable. Across the country, people link climate change to health concerns, and rural Indonesians feel that changes in climate contribute to declining crop productivity and make fishing more challenging.

Those in large cities are particularly concerned about the impact of extreme weather, yet Indonesians are preparing less for extreme weather events than people in any other Climate Asia country. While those most affected by climate change are taking simple actions to respond to environmental and economic pressures, poorer people with less education are struggling.

Current communication efforts are having an effect. People who had seen or heard communication about the subject were much more likely to feel responsible for and informed about responding to the changes they noticed. Although willing, Indonesians feel that they need more information and government support to make effective decisions on the complex issues they face.

Television, reaching almost everyone in Indonesia, offers an opportunity to provide information and explore matters on a national scale through popular formats such as dramas. People also trust their neighbours and opinion-formers, who function as important information channels. As communication tends to focus on the long-term consequences of climate change, there is an opportunity to frame communication around the changes and issues that feel immediately relevant. 

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