David Constantine

Co-founder, Motivation

Specialism: Disability

Term of office: September 2014 - September 2019

David Constantine is the co-founder of Motivation, a charity that initiates self-sustaining projects to enhance the quality of life of people with mobility disabilities. When travelling around Australia in 1982 David misjudged a dive and broke his neck at level C4/5.

Only twenty-one years old, he was planning to pursue a career in agriculture but the accident left him a quadriplegic. After completing a degree in Computing, David worked with IBM for two years and then took an MA in Computer Related Design at the Royal College of Art (RCA).

While at the RCA David, along with fellow student Simon Gue, designed an award-winning wheelchair for the developing world. Together with Richard Frost they travelled to Bangladesh to test their design, and in 1991 returned to set up the first Motivation project: a workshop producing affordable and appropriate wheelchairs with a simple design. Motivation has now reached over 160,000 beneficiaries. It is one of the few organisations that deals with both the design and provision of mobility products and services and the wider social and economic needs of people with mobility disabilities.

David is also a semi-professional photographer whose work has been exhibited throughout the UK and USA.