Paul Anticoni

CEO World Jewish Relief

Specialism: International Development

Term of Membership:  May 2017 - April 2020

Paul has 30 years experience working with an array of international humanitarian and development agencies. He studied agriculture and forestry at the Universities of Newcastle and Oxford prior to working as a forester in north and south Sudan in the late 1980’s. Caught up in Sudan’s civil war, Paul’s focus switched from trees to people and he spent time managing camps for those fleeing the conflict in the south. Paul worked for a further two years in Ethiopia and Somalia, six months in Cambodia and a final year in Bosnia during the Balkans war prior to returning to the UK in the mid 1990’s.

He joined the British Red Cross in 1994 and spent twelve years leading their disaster response operations worldwide including responses to the Rwandan genocide, Asian Tsunami and many other catastrophic disasters spending extended periods of time in the midst of some of the worlds most challenging contexts.

Paul Anticoni joined World Jewish Relief, the UK Jewish Community’s leading international humanitarian and development agency, as their Chief Executive in June 2006 focusing attention on empowering those out of work to become self-reliant, meeting the physical and emotional needs of older people, and responding to the immediate needs of those affected by disaster.