Using the funds raised from the Radio 4 Appeal

I wouldn’t be able to go to school if it wasn’t for Zambia Orphans Aid Naomi

Radio 4 listeners generously donated £21,500 to Zambia Orphans Aid following our appeal in June. Thank you to everyone who supported our vital work helping children into school.

Zambia Orphans Aid is dedicated to helping deprived children in Zambia achieve their potential. There are 1.2 million orphans in Zambia, many lack food, clothing and shelter. Education is the best way to help orphans and other vulnerable children find a route out of poverty, but, as it is not free, many children cannot afford to enrol or are forced to drop out.  To combat this Zambia Orphans Aid empowers grassroots community groups to reach children in need. Our aim is that every child is able to attend school, learning vital skills that, when they complete their education, will help them gain jobs and break the cycle of poverty.  John Sergeant told Radio 4 listeners about Susan Nawila, who founded a club to help children access foster care and education in her community. Inspired to act after finding twin babies abandoned near her home, Susan has helped hundreds of children over the past 30 years.  Thanks to Radio 4 listeners 72 vulnerable children will be able to attend school this year, assisted by Susan and other inspiring community leaders. Naomi, who is pictured above, can now continue her education. After Naomi’s parents died she missed a lot of school, until Susan’s club started supporting her. Naomi loves school. Her favourite subjects are maths, biology and chemistry and she would like a career in nursing because she wants to help others. On behalf of Naomi and all the other children who will be able to attend school this year, thank you to Radio 4 listeners.

You can find out more about the charity here.




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