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What's New?

Does your little one want to earn their story badge? Well, Duggee and the Squirrels have just landed in the CBeebies Storytime app with an amazing new story called The Story Badge!

The Squirrels are ready for a story, but they can’t decide what to read! As they argue, Enid the Cat becomes a bit upset with all the noise. Find out if the Squirrels can cheer Enid up with a tantalising tale and earn their story badge with Duggee!

App Features

  • ‘Read to Me’ and ‘Read by Myself’ options for different reading abilities
  • Download a story once and read it anytime, anywhere
  • Library including CBeebies favourites and all new stories from familiar authors
  • CBeebies Bedtime Stories collection
  • Secure parental lock for any external links
  • My Stories area for all your child’s favourite stories

Read Anywhere

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Downloaded stories can be read offline and on-the-go, so whether you are at home or out and about, there are no limits! You will need an Internet connection to access the library to download new stories or return any you have finished.

Stories in the Library

Original children’s stories and books from CBeebies favourites include:

  • Hey Duggee: The Story Badge
  • The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore
  • Andy’s Adventures: Andy and the Baby T-Rex
  • JoJo & Gran Gran: It’s Time for Carnival
  • Little Bo Peep’s Library Book by Cressida Cowell
  • Love Monster: Treasure Hunt
  • Olanna’s Super Senses by Destynee Onwochei
  • Peter Rabbit: The Tale of the Unexpected Discovery
  • Pinchy the Dragon by Olly Pike
  • Moon and Me: Friends, Always
  • Moon and Me: Goodnight, Friends
  • Mr Tumble at the Beach
  • Today I am Five and a Half by Caleb Femi


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Download Storytime from your Apple, Google Play or Amazon app store now.

Looking for Older Stories?

With the launch of the new version of the app, we have had to retire a lot of the stories from the older Storytime app, as the app was built on old technology. We do understand that change can be difficult for many children and so we have made lots of the older CBeebies Storytime app stories available here as video playthroughs.

Whilst the stories are no longer interactive, children can still snuggle up and watch the stories as videos, either independently or with a grown up.

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