Geocaching Top Tips

Top tips for going geocaching with kids

Geocaching is a like a treasure hunt using a GPS gadget. You can also use most smartphones, and there are apps you can download to help you. It’s a great way to get your child exploring or keep them interested on a walk or hike.

  • Pack well! Take a pen, a drink, a snack and warm clothes. Use the pen to write your name in the logbook when you find a cache.
  • Pick easy caches to start with, choose those with a low difficulty rating on the geocaching website which should be easier for little legs to walk to. Get your little one involved with choosing your cache and planning a route.
  • Keep your eyes open. When you get close to the cache, put your device to one side and encourage your child to start looking around carefully.
  • Take your rubbish home with you. Always follow the Countryside Code and talk to your little ones about what it says.
  • Don't forget your swappables! Caches sometimes contain little tokens for you to take away. Take small toys that you can swap if there is something in your cache. You might need to prepare your child that sometimes caches are empty, but you can still leave a toy for someone else to find.
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