CBeebies Playtime Island app

CBeebies Playtime Island is a free app that has no adverts, no in-app purchases and a parental gate to avoid children accidentally going into the app store.

Download the CBeebies Playtime Island app via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

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What's New?

There’s a brand new game in CBeebies Playtime Island!

Go on an adventure with Tish and her imaginary friend Tash to complete fun challenges. Explore the forest maze to find a route to Rug Lake, visit Cupboard Cave to pick up the art supplies and avoid the obstacles on your way to the mountain.

Join Tish on her adventure to reach Mount Naughty Step to rescue her brother Bobby!

Explore the Island

Once your child arrives on Playtime Island, their CBeebies friends will be there to greet them. Take a look around and discover the full range of games available. Your child’s favourite games can then be downloaded and played offline, whenever you want.

'My Games' Treasure Chest

All the games you download for your child will be saved to their very own treasure chest on the island, so their most treasured games are all in one place and easy to find! This personalisation means that the app can grow with your child as they develop, and their interests change.

Manage Downloads

No need to worry about running out of space; using the download manager, games can be added or removed as many times as you like, so whether your child wants to play them all or you need to remove one game to make space for a new one, the choice is yours!

Play Anywhere

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Downloaded games can be played offline and on-the-go, so whether you are at home or out and about, there are no limits!


Playtime Island contains accessibility features such as subtitles for the hearing impaired.


CBeebies Playtime Island does not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your child.

To give you the best experience and help us improve the app, Playtime Island uses anonymous performance stats for internal purposes. You can choose to opt out of this at any time from the in-app Settings menu.

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Download the CBeebies Playtime Island app via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

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