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What's New?

There are brand new puzzles in the Numberblocks game! Your child can now try number sequences with Big Tum and learn about greater than and less than with Blockzilla! Blockzilla likes bigger numbers, can your child choose the bigger number?

Learning Games

  • Numberblocks ‘Number Magic Run’ – Help your child to practise simple maths and learn number counting
  • Alphablocks ‘Fun Run’ – Learn about phonics and letter sounds with the Alphablocks in this fun running game
  • Your Mindful Garden - Mindful activities to support your child’s wellbeing
  • Hey Duggee ‘Party Time’ - Learn about shapes, sequences and colours at the Hey Duggee shape party
  • Bing ‘Camping’ - Learn about managing feelings and behaviour with Bing and friends on a camping trip
  • Biggleton ‘Busy in Biggleton’ - Learn about people and communities with the townsfolk of Biggleton, by playing hairdresser, shopkeeper and grow your own garden
  • Go Jetters ‘Glitch Switch’ - Learn about places around planet Earth and different habitats with the Go Jetters
  • Maddie’s Do You Know? ‘Technology Trip’ - Learn about technology and how things work with Maddie
  • The Furchester Hotel - Learn about health and self-care by helping guests in the Furchester Hotel

Other Features

  • Video - Cinema with regularly updated CBeebies videos to watch that help teach your child about a wide range of topics
  • Secret Areas - Encourage your child's curiosity with lots of surprises for them to discover
  • Den Area - Find out more about the subjects covered by the games in the den area within the app

Free to Play

  • Easy and intuitive: Toddlers and pre-school children can play these games independently
  • Age-appropriate content
  • A safe and secure environment: No ads or in-app purchases
  • Does not collect any personally identifiable information from you or your child


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Download the Go Explore app now via the Apple, Google Play and Amazon app stores.

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