Three reasons you should try CBeebies Radio

1. Help your child relax with our calming sounds player

Every night you can choose from a selection of eight hour sounds for your little one to relax. The sounds play continuously to avoid your little one being disturbed. You can experiment with the sounds and find one which works best for you: waves, birdsong, rain, car journey, spaceship, white noise, pink noise and brown noise.

The collection of sounds is available on the CBeebies website, or you can visit this page and add it to your home screen. You can even download the sounds for free using the BBC Sounds app, which means you can use them at any time - even if you don't have an internet connection.

  • Dr Anna Weighall, cognitive developmental psychologist:

“We naturally cycle through light and deeper sleep and have moments close to waking during the night.

Usually we don't notice these and fall back to sleep - but if the environment has changed between falling asleep and these lighter sleep phases this can then trigger a wakeful response which can be problematic.

Playing calming sounds could get round this issue if a child tends to fall asleep listening to audio.”

2. Explore the world through the medium of sound

One of the greatest benefits of learning to listen well is the impact it has on a child’s awareness of the difference between sounds and words – that gets children really ‘in-tune’ with the power of language and they start to want to express their own ideas – all by themselves.

'Thinking in pictures’ is a unique and unforgettable experience. CBeebies Radio helps children imagine, dream and make sense of the world around them.

Go Jetters: Radio Recruits

This brand new geography series introduces little listeners to famous landmarks around the United Kingdom. Guided by their disco-loving mentor, Ubercorn, our Radio Recruits explore new places and discover ‘funky facts’!

Listen to Go Jetters: Radio Recruits

Minack Theatre

The Radio Recruits visit the Minack Theatre, an amazing structure built into a Cornish cliff.

3. Lots of activities away from the screen

We know that many parents have concerns about the amount of screen time children have in front of their devices.

Finding the balance can be difficult, especially when we consider the importance and benefits of having technology available at our finger tips.

CBeebies Radio can be played through your digital device - just lock the screen and enjoy audio adventures which allow children to explore the world around them through listening. Visit the CBeebies Radio website, BBC Sounds or ask your smart speaker to 'play CBeebies Radio'.

Digi Tales

This series of stories not only highlights the benefits of technology to help us stay connected, but also reinforces the power of sharing experiences and making memories in real life with the friends and family around us.

Listen to Digi Tales from CBeebies Radio

Nan's Gap Year

Nan decides to use technology to share her big adventure with her granddaughter Mia.

The CBeebies website is full of great activities to keep your little one entertained during screen breaks. With easy crafts, delicious recipes and outdoor activities you can do together, there’s always something to spark an idea for your next mini adventure.

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