Top Tips for Baking Together

1. Pick a simple recipe

A simple recipe is a great place to start. Read it together and talk about what you'll need to do first, next, after and last to make sure everyone understands what's happening.

Did you know? Following the steps in a recipe helps children learn about sequencing, which is essential for developing good sentences and communication skills.

2. Be Prepared

Before you start baking, weigh out your ingredients into small containers to make it easier for little ones to handle them. If your child can recognise numbers, encourage them to read the numbers on the scales to check the amount.

Level up: For older children, you could even ask 'how much more?' you'd need to reach the correct amount.

3. Give everyone their own jobs

Look at the recipe ahead of time and work out which jobs can be done by little ones, and which need adult help. Keep little ones interested by talking about how the mixture looks, smells or feels as you go - encourage them to use lots of describing words to boost their communication skills.

Pro tip: It's a good idea to have an easy alternative activity ready just in case younger children lose focus halfway through!

4. Clean as you go

Encourage little ones to help you clean up as you go along, but accept that things are still going to get pretty messy! Give children plenty of time to explore the raw ingredients and equipment before you begin cooking.

Pro tip: Work at a table instead of on the kitchen counter if the height is more comfortable, especially for toddlers.

5. Don't open the oven too early

Talk about how long your bake will take, and get little ones to help you set the timer. Plan an activity to do while you're waiting for everything to cook.

Pro tip: It can be useful to manage your child's expectations by explaining that the food will need to cool down before you'll be able to eat it.

6. Have fun!

Remember that baking together is supposed to be fun - pick a time when you're relaxed, and won't have to rush.

Did you know? Children are more likely to try new foods if they've been involved in the preparation, so get them to help you with choosing a recipe and shopping for ingredients.

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