Rainbow Sandcastle

You will need

  • Sand
  • Four clear plastic containers
  • Food colouring (red, yellow, green and blue)
  • Buckets and spades


  • Add some sand to each of the four plastic containers 
  • Mix food colouring into the sand in each container 
  • Mix well until all the sand in each container is an even colour throughout
  • Add each colour of sand to a bucket, one layer at a time
  • Make sure you flatten the sand down after you add each new colour layer
  • Turn your bucket upside down to reveal your rainbow sandcastle!

Top Tips

  • You can decorate your sandcastle with anything you like, such as shells, pebbles, flags or straws
  • Dig a moat around your sandcastle to stop invaders getting in!
  • Use a bigger bucket to create a giant sandcastle
  • Do this with your friends and family to create a village of sandcastles
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