Messy play

Did you know?

Hands-on messy play that stimulates your child’s senses can help them to forge new brain connections, develop their movement skills, and even builds up problem solving skills. 

Get your aprons, old clothes and towels at the ready and embrace the mess!

1. Robo slime

Make this lovely, gooey robo slime using only cornflower, water and food colouring. Easy AND messy. Develop your little one’s communication skills by asking them to describe how the slime feels and looks as they play.

2. Rainbow rain cloud

Create this colourful rain cloud using water, food colouring, shaving foam and pipettes. Encourage children to predict what they think will happen when you add the food colouring – will it go through the cloud or get stuck?

3. Rainbow toast

Paint your own rainbow toast with milk and food colouring for an arty breakfast. Make sure a grown-up is in charge of making toast, and let the little ones go wild with their colourful designs. You could even use a paper template for a really complicated pattern!

4. Handprint bonfire

Draw a handprint bonfire using paint, paper and, of course, your hands! Then shine a light through and watch it glow. This easy messy play idea works well if you have a whole group of kids to entertain.

5. Egg drop challenge

With any luck, this cracking idea won't make any mess! All you need is an egg, a cardboard tube, a tray and a glass of water for this simple science experiment which shows little ones how gravity works.

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