Top things to see in UK museums

Manchester Museum

Featured in Teacup Travels: Japanese Dragon

What else? There are plenty of exciting things to see at Manchester Museum, including Stan the Tyranasaurous Rex skeleton and a vivarium with many species of frogs, snakes and lizards.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Featured in Teacup Travels: Greek Comedy Mask

What else? Kelvingrove has it's own beehive! You can see the bees hard at work and marvel at the detail of the hive. Whilst you're at Kelvingrove be sure to stop by and say hello to Sir Roger, the Asian elephant!

Swansea Museum

Featured in Teacup Travels: Greek pig rattle

What else? Meet Hor the Egyptian mummy, gifted to the museum in 1888, or check out the Welsh artefacts including a spear head that was found at Swansea Castle!

Royal Albert Museum, Exeter

Featured in Teacup Travels: Roman Carrot Amphora

What else? You can see a host of animals in the Natural History collection, including Gerald the Giraffe. The museum also has a cast of an Archaeopteryx fossil; a dinosaur that had wings like a bird, but also teeth and a long bony tail!

Ulster Museum, Belfast

Featured in Teacup Travels: Egyptian Scarab Necklace

What else? Walk around Ulster Museum's bird collection, containing more than ten thousand specimens, or marvel at the weird and wonderful collection of fish fossils. 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Featured in Teacup Travels: Greek Skyphos

What else? Take a tour of the Ancient Egypt Gallery, containing artefacts from over 3000 years of Egyptian life, or visit the Mini Museum. Designed specifically for under-fives, the Mini Museum has exciting things to see, story books and a dressing up area for your little ones to enjoy.

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