Share a Smile

Yes, we want you to help us Share a Smile all across the UK.  We want to see pictures and videos of your child doing something that will make us all smile!

Here are some examples of things your child could do:

  • Draw a rainbow or smiley face and stick it in your window -  take a picture and send it in. You can even download the Share a Smile poster and draw on that, if you like!
  • Singing, dancing or jumping for joy – maybe on a trampoline, if you have one!
  • Or simply share a picture of your child’s BIGGEST smile, we’d love to see it.

Whatever your child decides to do, share a photo or video of it with us by clicking the blue 'Send your stuff' button below and you might see it on TV in the CBeebies House or even right here in our gallery below. 

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