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Mission Patch Gallery

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Lucas, Imogen and Isabella are having lots of fun being astronauts!

Brothers Charlie and Lewis give a big thumbs up to Tim wearing their Mission Patches.

Stefan proudly wearing his Mission Patch.

Robin gives a thumbs up to Tim Peake

Louie loved colouring in his Mission Patch after a visit to the National Space Centre.

Dan and Joshua did a great job of colouring in their Mission Patches.

Stanley was over the moon with his Mission Patch!

Emma and Michael enjoyed wearing their space badges when they went to the National Space Centre.

Logan is looking for Tim with his telescope!

Aaron is looking cool with his Mission Patch on!

Daisy loves looking at Tim's photos from space!

Peggy loves watching Stargazing!

Alya and Eve love their Mission Patches so much they are going to wear them to bed!

Sam and Finnan both love everything about space.

James enjoyed making his Mission Patch!

Charlie and Ava love their Mission Patches!

Bea is very proud of her Mission Patch!

Lucy loved colouring her Mission Patch in and is even taking it to show and tell!

Milo loves his Mission Patch.

Zachary is sending a big thumbs up into space with his Mission Patch on!

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