Traffic Jam Activities for Kids

1) Spot the Landmark

Before you set off make a list of any landmarks you might see on your journey. It doesn't have to be anything too famous - any buildings, hills, lakes or tourist attractions would work. Whoever spots them first is the winner!

2) Make up a story

One person makes up the first line of the story, then you all take it in turns to say what happens next. Be as creative or silly as you like - who knows how your story will end!

3) Guess the CBeebies theme tune

Hum or sing your favourite CBeebies theme tune and see who can guess which show it's from. Whoever guesses correctly takes the next go, and so on.

4) Head to Playtime Island

Don't forget to download the CBeebies Playtime Island app before you hit the road! Playtime Island is full of great games to keep your little ones entertained while on the move. Download the CBeebies Playtime Island app.

5) Car registration plate bingo

Use car registration plates to run through the alphabet; get little ones to call out as they see each letter on a passing car. For older kids, you can try to spot the letters in the correct order to make the game last longer.

6) Travel during nap time

If at all possible, plan your journey to co-ordinate with your little one's usual nap time. If you're lucky, you'll get to travel in peace for a bit while they catch up on some Zzzzz!

7) Go exploring with CBeebies Radio

Sit back and listen as the Go Jetters Radio Recruits take you on a journey around famous UK landmarks. These radio shows are perfect for defusing traffic jam tantrums! Listen here or download the BBC iPlayer Radio app.

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