Six ways to have a green Christmas


1. Have a CBeebies Surprise

Discover lots of surprises in this year's festive game. With lots of presents waiting to be opened, keep coming back to find your favourite friends in the CBeebies Christmas Surprise game.


2. Make every gift count

Try giving fewer, really special gifts you know will be loved, rather than feeling pressured to buy piles of presents. It encourages kids to value their gifts even more, cuts waste and can help stop your home getting too cluttered with discarded toys.

Top tip: watch for nearly-new sales in your area during the year. You can often get quality toys at a fraction of the cost.


3. Save your energy

It wouldn’t be Christmas without sparkling fairy lights, but you can protect your electricity bill and the planet by switching them off when you’re not at home, or when it’s daylight outside.

Top tip: if you’re buying new lights this year, switch to energy-efficient LED bulbs. Avoid big outdoor displays that are expensive to run and produce lots of CO2, which harms the environment.


4. Make a family resolution

Have a chat with your kids and see if you can make one small resolution that will help the environment. It might be recycling more, using the car less, or even have a weekly meat-free day. Small steps can make a big difference.

Top tip: little ones love taking responsibility for things like collecting paper for recycling – read more ideas for getting the whole family to recycle.


5. Keep it simple in the kitchen

Small children are rarely bothered about fancy food, so don’t go over the top. Before you do your festive food shop, think about what (and how much) will actually get eaten and make a realistic list. Every year in the UK, we waste 2 million turkeys and 74 million mince pies!

Top tip: stick to your plans and your budget so that you're not sucked in by supermarket special offers.


6. Get creative for Christmas

No need to buy new decorations – get creative with your kids instead! Use old lids and bottle tops to make sparkly baubles, old socks can be turned into snowmen, painted pinecones look great on a Christmas tree and Christmas wreaths can be made with pretty much anything you can find and recycle. Why not try using old clothes pegs to make a Tumblina fairy for the top of your tree this year?


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