Introducing your toddler to gaming


Tee and Mo Picnic Time

In this exciting game, available on the Playtime Island App and here on the CBeebies website, little ones can help Tee and his monkey mummy to prepare for a picnic. They will help get them ready to go out on their bicycles, dish up the picnic food, and even help get Tee ready for bed at the end of this busy day. This game will delight young children, while teaching them basic skills and improving hand-eye coordination.

Top Tip: You can help your child to relate what they have experienced on the screen to everyday life. For example, if they are playing a sorting game, then follow up it with a real-world game where you sort the washing together. Prepare a picnic lunch together after playing with Tee and Mo!


Kit & Pup's World of Opposites

Kit & Pup is a fun and playful preschool show that promotes creative, investigative thinking. In this fun new game little adventurers can learn through play while improving their observational and motor skills. Plus there are lots of funky dance moves along the way! It's also available to download on the Playtime Island App for fun on the go.

Top tip: Creative games give children the freedom to imagine and experiment without fear of failure. This can give them a confidence boost and help develop creative thinking skills, which will help them right through to adulthood.


Something Special Looking Game

The Something Special Looking Game is brilliant for young children, and can even be made accessible to suit your child’s own unique needs. Little ones will be developing communication and thinking skills as they help Mr Tumble and his friends to find their missing objects. It can be played in easy, medium or hard mode, so your little one can continue to be challenged as they grow.

Top Tip: Playing games together can be a wonderful shared experience for you and your child. Show an interest and ask questions about what they are doing. Providing encouragement and praising achievements builds confidence and supports their play and learning.


Make a Picture

If your child has started showing an interest in drawing, painting or just simple mark making then they’ll love our Make a Picture games. With lots of different versions available, featuring all their favourite CBeebies friends, these are a great way for your child to get creative without the mess. Perfect for when you’re on the go!

Top Tip: Open-ended games such as these encourage creativity and are a great way for children to express themselves. Read more about how art helps children learn.


Twirylwoos Explore and Play

Available here on the website and on the Playtime Island app, this game is perfect for fans of the Twirlywoos. It’s full of fun activities set in different locations, that will teach little ones about simple movements and actions, while exploring the exciting world around them. 

Top Tip: The repetitive actions in the Twirlywoos episodes and games are based around schemas; the repeated actions that form an important part of toddler’s brain development. Find activities to match you child's current schema.


Bing Build and Play

In Bing Build and Play little ones can get creative and construct all sorts of buildings, vehicles and structures with Bing and his friends. They can even take photos of their creations and save them to look back on later! The dragging and tapping motions used in this game will also help to develop fine motor skills. Bing Build and Play is available on the website and in the Playtime Island app.

Top Tip: You can help ensure your child balances their time with a range of activities by encouraging them to try real world activities, such as painting, singing or dressing up, based on their favourite computer game characters.

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