Five safety hacks for cooking with kids


1. Scissors are your friend

Instead of knives, a simple pair of kids' scissors can be used for all sorts of fiddly tasks like cutting up herbs and slicing spring onions or tomatoes. Putting your ingredients inside a cup or bowl will also help keep things under control. For tasks like this, it's a good idea to work at a table rather than a counter if the height is more comfortable for your child.


2. Use your hands

Wherever possible, let your little ones use their hands for mixing, rolling and tearing. As well as being an efficient and safe way to get things done, it's also really fun for kids to get stuck in, and exploring how ingredients feel and smell really helps them to engage with new foods. Just make sure everyone thoroughly washes their hands before you start and between handling different types of food.


3. Oil painting

Delegate the job of greasing the tin with a pastry brush to your little one. It's an easy and fun task that will hold their attention while you get on with the trickier bits of cooking.


4. No-mess chopping

If you've got something you need to chop up into small pieces, your little one can use a plastic bag and a rolling pin to really break it down. This method is quick, easy, creates minimal mess and can be used for lots of different ingredients from garlic to nuts! Remember to wash out and re-use the bag to save on waste (unless you've used it to prepare shellfish in which case you should dispose of it carefully and use a fresh bag).


5. Add eggs one at a time

Cracking and whisking eggs is a really fun job for little ones, but they can occasionally get a bit over-enthusiastic! Add eggs one at a time to a recipe, so that if anything goes wrong with one of them (like lots of crumbly bits of shell!), you won't have wasted the whole lot. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw eggs.


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