Why is creativity so important?


Creativity is for everyone

The brilliant thing about creative activities is that anyone can take part. There are no right or wrong answers and no end goals. For children of all abilities, the opportunity to freely express themselves without limits or rules, will give them a sense of freedom whilst also unknowingly help them develop problem solving and resilience.


Creativity and autism

For some people, creative activities can be an important method of communication. Sumita Majumda, one of the writers and voice actors from Pablo, explained to us why this is so important, particularly for children with autism:

‘Engaging in creative activities can help to allow people to immerse themselves in their inner worlds, in their own languages, whilst unlocking doors of communication and engagement with the outer world. I think it’s important to encourage autistic people to embrace and to feel safe within their own unique inner worlds, because that is where they are their true selves – but I also think it’s important to encourage them to learn to use these inner worlds as a tool of expression and communication, as that is where they will gain their freedom.’

 For children with autism or communication difficulties, who may feel alone in their thoughts, learning to express and communicate how they feel can be an empowering experience. Giving them an outlet for this expression, whether this is through drawing, music, drama, cooking, or whatever activity they enjoy, can be therapeutic and helps them translate how they are feeling to the rest of the world.


Creativity in a new way

At CBeebies we recognise the importance of creative play. Our aim is to allow children to explore their true creativity in ways they may never have before, finding ways to use technology they know and love to expand on their own creations and open up endless possibilities. This was the thinking behind our new Get Creative app, which allows little ones to express themselves with magic paint, turn their squiggles into giggles with a sound doodle and to build and bring their dream toy to life; with Hey Duggee, Go Jetters and Bitz and Bob there are so many opportunities in the app to let their imaginations soar.


A safe creative outlet

One of the reasons the Get Creative app was developed, was to provide a safe creative space to engage and reach children. This includes children with autism, with additional needs, or with communication or behavioural problems. For these young people, having something to focus on that doesn’t constrain them with strict rules, and allows them to safely express themselves, can be extremely beneficial. As Sumita says:

‘There is something powerful about being able to output something from your internal brainworld in the way you experience it, for other people to see and understand – as if to say ‘This is what my brain is doing’ – and sharing it through creative expression’

As adults, we can help children develop tools they can use for the rest of their lives - in education, in work, in personal relationships and everyday situations. Whether your child is into music, drama, sport or maths, whether they are chatty and confident or quiet and introverted, everyone can benefit from finding their own unique outlet to help nurture and retain these creative skills right into adulthood.

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