Five autumn arts and crafts ideas for kids

With so much beauty and colour in nature, it's also the perfect time of year to head outside and think about what you can create from just a few found objects. Why not get started with these fun autumn craft ideas?

1. Bird Feeders

There is something very relaxing about bird watching so, why not have a go at making a bird feeder and see which feathered friends flock to your garden? There are lots to choose from including apple bird feeders, pine cone feeders or fruit hoops! Follow our super handy bird feeder guide here.


Top Tip: Instead of throwing your pumpkin seeds away at Halloween, pop them in the bird feeder. Some birds may not eat them, but others will clear them from the table!


2. Leaf Animals

If you’re lucky this autumn, you may catch a glimpse of some wildlife, but if you don't, it's easy to make your own! Collect a bunch of leaves from the garden or the park and stick them to paper to create your very own hedgehogs, birds, butterflies and foxes. An easy craft activity for all ages!


Top Tip: Try to not give your child too many instructions or directions when doing arts and crafts together. Let it be more about the experience than the finished product, and let their imaginations run wild! 


3. Snazzy stick creations

This is a great time of year for family walks in the park, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of autumn.

It's also a great opportunity to pick up interesting objects for crafty creations! With just a few sticks and a bit of string, you can make a photo frame, a funky star or a magic wand! Check out our how-to below from Junk Rescue.


Top Tip: When you're done creating your art celebrate by dancing to the stick song!


4. Woolly Peg Sheep

Making a fluffy sheep is a fun, crafty activity that can be enjoyed anytime of the year. It’s also super simple and is a good way to use any old clothes pegs or wool you might have lying around. Follow the instructions in our Down on the Farm video below to get started.


Top Tip: Don't limit yourself to sheep. Try making a whole farmyard of animals by reusing everyday household objects!


5. Conker painting

We all love going on a good old conker hunt, but have you ever tried painting with conkers?

Place a piece of paper in a plastic container (such as an old lunchbox) and pop your conkers on top. Place a dab of paint on each of your conkers, then shake the container to create your own masterpieces.


Top Tip: Decorated conkers can make brilliant decorations for Halloween or Christmas!


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