Things to do indoors with your children

Household treasure hunt

Have fun exploring your home and create your own treasure hunt. Draw a map and then hide various items around the house and get your little ones to hunt them down. They can then draw their own maps of the house, or a room, and hide an item in which you have to find. This is a great way to play together. You can even make it even more fun by dressing up!

Science experiments

Trying out simple science experiments at home is a brilliant way to engage young children. It nurtures their natural sense of curiosity, while also allowing them to express their creativity and learn about the world around them. As well as helping language and communication skills, it builds perseverance and self-confidence as they learn that it's ok to not get things right the first time.

Need some inspiration? Try these awesome science experiments.

Arts & Crafts

You’re never too young or too old to have fun getting arty. While the older ones are busy making masterpieces, younger children will love the sensory experience and the chance to get messy. It's a great way to let children of all ages express themselves, and giving them the opportunity to get creative is also beneficial for brain development and mental wellbeing. Have fun with paints or even make life size drawings or collages made with household items. You can always check out our picture makers as well, for mess-free fun.

Make dens

Have fun and create your own den using pillows, blankets and any other household items you have! Make a really tiny den or see if you can transform a whole room into a giant den!


Baking is a brilliant activity to do with young children and we have some fun, easy recipes for you to try.

Top tip: If you're worried about how to get started try these safety hacks for cooking with kids.

Make your own TV show

Get all of your little ones favourite toys together and make your own TV show. You could film it on your phone and then enjoy watching it back. You could even make your own characters just like Ben has with his sock puppet!

Recycle cardboard boxes

Your little ones can have hours of fun creating their own worlds, houses, boats etc, with cardboard boxes and colouring pencils. 

Making music

Have fun making music with various items from around the house. Pots and pans drums to a rice shaker, let your imagination run with creating your own musical kit. Then you can have your very own festival at home

Keep them Appy

Our CBeebies apps are free to download, completely safe for young children and have no adverts or in-app purchases. They are perfect to entertain your child with many different mini games to choose from.

Play free CBeebies and CBBC games online

If you still need a bit of time for yourself then don't despair, CBeebies has loads of free games for your children to play and if your children are a little bit older then CBBC has got your back too with plenty of free online games, shows and fun stuff to get involved with.  

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